Simulation Center

The MetroHealth Simulation Center (MHSC) has grown rapidly since its inception in 2012. It is now a thriving hub of activity - an interdisciplinary training facility committed to the MetroHealth mission by providing innovative education and training leading to outstanding healthcare for our patients.

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Sim Center

What We Do

Sim Center
  • Create realistic scenarios that allow you to improve your team dynamics and communication skills in high-risk, low-frequency, and life-threatening situations, during everything from standardized Pediatric and Adult Advanced Life Support scenarios to the most complex and unique scenarios
  • Facilitate training and assessment for the core competencies of programs
  • Ensure repetitive practice of safe procedural skills before students or employees work with actual patients
  • Provide courses to improve faculty’s understanding of and ability in providing simulation curriculum
  • Our simulators can be transported to your clinical environment, effectively testing systems and processes. 

Finding the Sim Center

  • The MetroHealth Simulation Center is located on the ground floor of the Hamann Building.
  • Park in the Visitors Parking Garage and enter the hospital through the main doors.
  • Follow the signs to the “C” elevators and take them to the ground floor, and follow the signs for the MetroHealth Simulation Center down the long hallway.

The MHSC is located at the end of the hallway on the left side.